Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber known as MrBeast with over 94 million subscribers, promised his guest Josh Rock — who is also the lead video editor for the MrBeast YouTube channel — $1 million if he manages to stay in a windowless room for 100 days. As part of the challenge, Donaldson was paying $10,000 to Rock for each day he spent in the room. The guest could also earn extra bonuses by completing additional tasks.

At the start, the room was stocked with entertainment stuff like a pool table, guitar, and drums. However, for each successful day, these items were taken away from Rock in exchange for $10,000. What is more, is that Rock was visited from time to time by his girlfriend and MrBeast himself.

"Everyone needs to relax a little bit"

However, Rock, who answered critics of the challenge that he was "never in any danger, physically or mentally," failed to stay in the room even for three weeks. He particularly said:

I'm actually the contestant from that video and I can assure you that they had people watching over me 24/7, making sure that I was never in any danger, physically or mentally. They had everything taken care of. It was a great opportunity for me. Everyone needs to relax a little bit.

In total, MrBeast's guest managed "to survive" in the room for only 21 days. For this — and for completed additional tasks — Rock earned a total sum of $340,000. It's worth noting though news outlets couldn't confirm if Rock was paid that money at all.

However, what they could confirm is that MrBeast's challenge almost immediately triggered criticism. According to Charles Peralo, a TikToker with over 510,000 followers, people considered the challenge as a way to "endanger" Rock's mental health.

While it's unclear what criticism Peralo was referring to, he said that people are "still angry with MrBeast because they said he put the man through solitary confinement."

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