Based on Rowan Atkinson's likeness the Mr Bean NFT collection draw attention not only from fans but also from scammers as the collection's Discord server becomes the latest victim of hacktivism, according to The Gamer. The main visionary of the project under the alias of Zen0x.eth wrote in the Discord announcements channel that "spammers are auto DMing people as soon as they join the server." Zen0x.eth added:

Please do not interact with anyone posing as a Fomo Lab team member or 'official bot' - we are not giving away any presales or 'Free NFTs'.

Approved by Atkinson himself and developed by Dubai-based blockchain studio Fomo Lab, the NFT collection almost immediately became target number one for scammers. According to reports, bad actors are trying to fool members of the Discord server, telling new members they need to pay "maintenance fees." Karuma, one of the victims, wrote:

They told me I need to pay maintenance fees to release my profit and, as I invested less than they requested for maintenance fees, I have been unable to pay these fees. I have now realised it's probably a scam and would appreciate some guidance on how I can recover any funds. I just wish I had bought more crypto instead of trusting idiots.

The collection includes 3,333 unique NFTs and is available to purchase via FOMO Lab's marketplace, The Avenue from May 25 with ether (ETH). The project was also made in collaboration with Banijay, the largest independent content producer and distributor. Here's what Atkinson himself had to say about the collection:

I think that this is a great idea. Any initiative which not only draws attention to but actually enables access to the fabulous artwork associated with the Mr Bean Animation series, I welcome with open arms.

By purchasing the Mr Bean NFTs, holders will also get access to unpublished hand-drawn still of Mr Bean from the first animated series.

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