The Museum of Modern Art in New York City is looking for a Web3 Associate to work in three important spheres: Web3 (obviously), NFT, and digital communities. The position was published on the Museum's Linkedin page.

The Web3 Associate will work with the MoMA only for one year. During this period they will co-lead, coordinate and execute different initiatives, including:

  • membership and retail involving NFTs;
  • collaborative projects with artists and platforms involving NFTs and blockchain;
  • exploring Discord as a medium of engagement;
  • development of wallets "with an appropriate system of institutional checks and balances".

There are other responsibilities for a person in this role, too. Candidates willing to apply should have relevant experience in the museum field and contemporary media. The MoMA also requires its candidates to be "technologically up-to-date and highly conversant with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Web3, and related areas".

The company does not disclose salary information for the role.