Mila Kunis is speeding up her efforts to hype on the NFT market as her studio called Sixth Wall has entered into a partnership with Toonstar, a Web3 animation studio, to make The Gimmicks, a community-driven animated TV series. Minted on Solana, the tokens will give fans a "chance to participate in character and storyline development," a press release says.

Written by Dave Ihlenfeld and David Wright, the series will unfold stories about "washed up wrestlers trying to regain their status." NFT holders will also have the opportunity to interact with other fans via an "on-chain social layer."

Mila Kunis says Toonstar "absolutely gets the ridiculously fast nature of creating in Web3." She added:

They are able to make animation at unprecedented speed while also managing creative community elements; I can't wait for people to come and engage in the fun.

The NFTs — which will be available on March 18 via The Gimmicks website — will be free and all users need is a Solana wallet and enough SOL tokens to cover gas costs.

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As To The Moon recently reported, the Ukrainian-born actress isn't a big fan of the Friends With Benefits (FWB) decentralized organization (DAO) as she believes Blockchain Friends Forever (BFF) is "way cooler than FWB with way less money laundering."

Kunis is one of the vocal supporters of the BFF organization co-founded by Brit Morin and Jaime Schmidt. The group also on-boarded over 50 founding members, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Tyra Banks.