Micah Johnson, a former professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Atlanta Braves, joined the NFT market in 2020. Now, his artworks in total are worth more than $19 million, according to Cryptoart.com.

Johnson's first NFT sale in 2020 dubbed ".15 Seconds" brought him 3.75 ETH (~$1,012 at that time). But he didn't stop there. A year later, he created another collection called "AKU: The Moon God" featuring a young Black with an oversized space helmet.

The artwork was a success as the collection generated over $2 million on the Nifty Gateway marketplace within just a 24-hour auction timeframe. Now, the total value of his primary and secondary NFT art sales is worth over $19 million.

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However, Johnson doesn't take his success for granted as he told Fortune in an interview that learning about NFTs "required a lot of organic outreach and grinding and listening and talking" to as many people as he could.

For him personally, his young daughter was a major source of inspiration. Johnson said he wanted her entertainment to include "diverse characters that looked like her, and who she could look up to in her formative years."

I think a lot about what I want her to watch and what I want her shows to be. I watch the shows she watches and I wish, you know, they could be showcasing more [Black] representation.

Johnson also says digital artists should treat their fans respectfully, adding that he's planning to reward his early collectors in his next NFT drop with special perks.

Last December, To The Moon reported that Linkin Park's Co-Founder Mike Shinoda known as one of the main adherents of the NFT space announced a special New Year present in the form of an animated art called "Precipice" minted on the Tezos blockchain.