Blockchain game Pixelmon has raised almost $71 million in NFTs (~23,055 ETH) within a few hours after the tokens were minted. However, shortly after the fundraising was over, the project came under criticism over an alleged backdooring whitelist for selected users for 1 ETH, CryptoBriefing first reported.

While the authenticity of the accusations can't be confirmed, Pixelmon NFTs on the secondary market crashed significantly, losing in a moment over 60% on OpenSea. The official description of the game on the website says:

The aim is to build a virtual metaverse where you can play with friends, battle and train Pixelmon, trade items, decorate your home and customise your virtual character; endless experiences await!

Pixelmon promises holders of the NFTs will also be eligible to get the so-called PIXEL tokens in the coming weeks, although their utility is unclear.

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While the release date for the game is yet to be announced, the developers — whose identity remains unknown — are promising that Pixelmon will be "one of the biggest multiplayer P2E games in the metaverse." As of press time, Pixelmon hasn't commented on the accusations.