Meta seems to be desperately trying to keep creators on its platforms as Facebook's parent company brought new adjustments to how payouts on Reels are calculated. In a recent blog post, Meta didn't specify how exactly it will change the calculations but hinted that the updates are aimed at creators with a small fanbase:

We're adjusting how payouts are calculated, aimed at rewarding creators across a range of audience sizes who are making high quality original content that resonates with people, (which may result in payouts changing for some creators)[...]

The company also introduced "Challenges" on Facebook to gamify creators' experiences on the platform. According to the post, those creators eligible for the Reels Play bonus program can unlock "new ways to earn from their content, up to $4,000 in a given month."

For example, content makers could earn $20 when 5 of their Reels reach 100 plays each. Meta says all the new challenges will be unlocked in a phased manner after a creator completes each task.

Besides updates to Reels, Meta also developed an insights hub called the Reels Play Bonus Insight where creators can see how many Plays each of their eligible Reels received within the given earning period.

The move comes after creators attacked Instagram over its downgraded payment rate for Reels as the platform was struggling to compete with TikTok. According to reports, payments for Reels — which is only available to some users in the US — have been down for a few weeks by 70% per view.

A Meta spokesperson said the company was "testing Reels Play on Instagram and Facebook," which means bonus payouts "may fluctuate" as Meta refines its pricing model.

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