Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms Inc., is expanding a list of fundraising tools as a way to celebrate Earth Day to make it easy for users to support social movements by donating to 1.5 million non-profit organizations, the Associated Press (AP) has learned, citing the company. The latest update allows Instagram users to attach donation buttons right to their Reels, short clips.

According to the report, Meta will now collect and distribute the donations to the non-profit organizations with no fees as the company promises to pay the processing fees itself. Emily Dalton Smith, Vice President of Product Management at Meta, said that the company sees "early signs" that the update is going to help new causes emerge. Dalston Smith added:

Rallying support is really something that’s unique to our platforms and makes people feel like they were actually directly able to participate in making a difference for the cause they care about.

Whole Dalton Smith didn't have data to back her statements, she said that one of the non-profits called The Ocean Cleanup has already succeeded simply because it was the first movement built on Instagram. In total, Meta's products (Facebook and Instagram) made over $6 billion in donations since fundraising began on the platforms back in 2015.

Rue Mapp, Founder of Outdoor Afro, an organization that inspires Black leadership and connection in nature, said Facebook and Instagram played significant role in connecting her with donors and volunteers. In an interview with AP she added that she developed a new strategy for how to use Reels to raise money for its initiative to teach more Black people to swim.

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Meta seems to be trying its best to support social movements on its platform after Instagram introduced expanded hashtags that give more information about events when people use them. Currently in test mode only, the new feature covers such social hashtags as #BlackLivesMatter, #womensrights and #climatecrisis.

The upgraded hashtags support modal pages that include the "Support" option that shows more information about the movement, "Spread the Word" that lets users share hashtags with their friends via DM, and "Create a Fundraiser" that brings gives a tool to start a fundraising campaign on behalf of the movement.

However, not all Meta's initiatives aren't given a very hearty and hospitable welcome. As To The Moon previously reported, the company faced backlash after it had revealed its plans to take up to 47.5% on each transaction from virtual items in its metaverse-related hub Horizon Worlds.