Just a week after Logan Paul co-launched a marketplace for items tokenization called Liquid Marketplace, the YouTuber is now going to launch a new NFT collection dubbed 99 Originals.

In an interview with The Block, Paul revealed that the collection will feature the "weirdest and wackiest" photographs in the form of NFTs from his 99 days journey. The idea behind the project was to take 99 photos during 99 days with a Polaroid camera.

Besides skydiving and driving a motorbike with a sidecar, Paul says there also were parties too wild talk about them verbally:

There’s going to be a written component to this project where I'm going to let it all on the line.

Every NFT from the collections is auctioned on Originals.com on a daily basis. According to the website's FAQ page, 49% of the proceeds will go to liquidity providers, 50% will be allocated to community treasury, and the remainig 1% to holders of Logan Paul’s Pokemon NFTs.

Purposeless DAO

Besides the sale itself, Paul also revealed that 99 Originals will have its own decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called Originals DAO. The goal is that the DAO members will decide what to do with the collection's treasury "and god knows what will get done with it." The Originals DAO will also oversee proposals and projects like:

  • Purchasing digital and/or physical assets.
  • Managing assets held in the Treasury
  • Funding creative projects by fellow DAO members
  • Access to exclusive experiential events
  • Topic suggestions or guests for IMPAULSIVE podcast
  • Sponsoring independent artists, gallery showcases, and activations.

Paul promises this is the "biggest project" he has ever done to date as he has "never been more scared" to release anything in his life.

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