Popular YouTuber Logan Paul is joining the Web3 space with his own NFT marketplace and a DAO venture.

According to the first regulatory filing from the Global Brand Database, the trademark is called "ORIGINALS DAO." The YouTuber allegedly wants to register a system where users could "engage in networking, establish work agreements and accept payments, transfer and stake cryptocurrency tokens, vote on community proposals, participate in a DAO."

The second regulatory filing called "ORIGINALS BY LOGAN PAUL," describes an NFT marketplace where users could offer for sale "photographs, artwork, art reproductions, and videos authenticated by non-fungible tokens in the field of artwork, artistic images, original art, photographic images, photography for use online and in virtual environments."

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However, Paul himself hasn't commented on the filings as of press time. Earlier in January, the YouTuber sold one of the NFTs from his collection called "World of Women" for 200 ETH to The Sandbox. The deal immediately the whole NFT collection as the floor price for the collectible token surged up to 2.94 ETH from 1.77 ETH last December. It still remains unclear though how The Sandbox plans to capitalize on the purchase.