Linkin Park's Co-Founder Mike Shinoda known as one of the main adherents of the NFT space has revealed a special art gift for his collectors. The animated art called "Precipice" is on sale on Objkt, an NFT-marketplace for tokens minted on the Tezos blockchain, for 3.75 XTZ (~$18).

Shinoda wrote on his Instagram page he chose Tezos "because it’s a green blockchain, with one of the lowest carbon footprints of any popular chain." He added:

We’ve all bought an app we 'own,' like Microsoft Word, or a music plugin, or an item in a game. But those items are unlimited in number. The difference here is that the NFT is limited edition, highlighting the value of authenticity, rarity, and originality.

Earlier in December, Shinoda sold off 5,000 NFTs of his ZIGGURATS musical collection for a total sum of $75,000.