Damien Riehl, a technology lawyer with a B.S. in music, was so fed up with copyright trolls of the music industry he decided to troll them by making a megamix based on all possible songs that have ever been made with the basic 8 major notes.

Speaking at TEDxMinneapolis, Riehl said he wanted to make the world a better place which is why he approached Noah Rubin, his colleague, to write an algorithm that marched through every melody that ever existed. The total amount of all songs that the algorithm generated reached a staggering 68.7 million mark.

But there was one issue with that megatrack — its size. And here's where Roy van Rijn, Director at OpenValue Rotterdam, comes in. He estimated that the size of the dataset that Riehl and Rubin made is huge — 1.2TB compressed using GZIP.

Long story short: he remixed every possible 12 note melody into one huge megamix by mathematically arranging the dataset's code into a single sequence with the help of de Bruijn sequences, a mathematical sequence of a circular binary string.

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That method turned out to be a success since the final version of the product decreased to 16,75 GB. A snippet of the final product can be found on van Rijn's personal blog.