Larva Labs, the company behind the well-known CryptoPunks collection, apparently hid a special NFT in the Meebits collection in 2021. Now, a year after the collection has been launched, Twitter user Andrew Badr with his friends found it.

In a long thread, Badr explained he had first realized there was more behind the Meebits collection after a Discord user under the "iceman" alias pointed out that one of the artworks from the Grails collection — which was exclusively minted by Larva Labs — had a strange sequence of symbols.

Badr said that very message caught his eye right away as that part of the image "really did look separate from the main part of the artwork." Later, Badr wrote a script to parse the image and turn symbols into binary code.

As it turned out, there were exactly 256 bits—divisible by 8—so the first thing I tried was interpreting them as ASCII.

The number that converted from the code resulted in a message saying "SECRET IS IN THE PIG NUMBERS, LL." Badr admits it took him over a week to get the idea behind the message and he finally recruited a couple of friends to help him out.

We spent a long time—way too long—trying to make something work with the pig meebit ID #s. We looked at mod 2, intervals between the IDs, ascii, base 32, caesar ciphers... all kinds of crazy things.

After a while, Badr with his friends noticed that some 3D pigs from the Meebits collection had jersey numbers. The group concatenated a hex string out of the 64 jersey numbers and interpreted that as an Ethereum private key which gave them access to claim a special NFT — Meebit #2858.

While some were inspired by Badr's journey, the others noted that the story is very airy-fairy as many questions remain unanswered. It also remains unclear who is the iceman nor how did he notice the cipher in the artwork.

As of press time, the highest offer for the NFT is set at the 10.42 ETH mark (~$26,410). As To The Moon earlier reported, Larva Labs sold off the rights to the CryptoPunks and Meebits properties to Yuga Labs.