Kickstarter has walked backed its plans for decentralization with the help of blockchain. The company said in a blog announcement it won't hurry up with its initial vision for the new infrastructure, citing "environmental issues, scams, speculation, and risks."

It's clear to us now though that before we do anything else, we need to listen to your feedback so that we can better address your concerns.

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Kickstarter clarified it won't move further with its plan onto the new protocol unless it has been tested. Moreover, the crowdfunding platform said it will also establish an advisory council made up of a diverse range of Kickstarter users and participants to inform its next steps.

Each distinct creative community has different needs, and we’ll need your help to define the problems and design solutions that meet them.

Kickstarter first announced the blockchain-focused initiative in December last year. The company said back then it had chosen the Celo blockchain to build the protocol.