Hamsters-focused video games turned out to be such a success that a Japanese video game and online game developer and publisher called Success Corporation even established a special arm aimed only at fluffy rodents.

Although the company hasn't yet officially made the so-called "Hamster Department," Games Radar has learned that the Tokyo-based company wants to gather only hamster-lovers on the roles. As per the report, Success made this step after the company had realized that its hamster-themed games were profitable, to say the least. As of press time, the department includes 18 employees in their 20s through their 50s.

Success released a hamster-oriented game for Android and iOS devices called Namaham back in 2020. According to reports, players welcomed the game warmly as Namaham has been downloaded over 450,000 times.

Besides Namaham, Success also released Tales of Djungarian Hamster, a gaming simulator similar to Tamagochi where players have to take care of their pets. Founded in 1978, Success so far has released over 30 video games best known for their shooter Cotton Fantasy: Superlative Night Dreams, and Zoo Keeper.

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