Instagram is going to expand its efforts to help creators to get credit for the work they do. As part of the new series of updates, the social network will highlight more original content. According to reports, the update changes the way how the algorithm ranks content in places like the Reels or feed.

Instagram's head Adam Mosseri said in a tweet that the platform wants to be sure that content creators on Instagram "are successful and get all the credit they deserve." The update means that the platform from now on will show less content that was made as a result of reposts.

Among other "hidden gems," Mosseri revealed enhanced tags and products tags. With product tagging, users in the US can now tag products from businesses that are set up for Instagram Shopping, while the enhanced tags will help creators to get more recognition for their work. Particularly, content makers will be able to tag contributors to a photo or a video so they could get more exposure for the work they do.

The update comes just a few days after Facebook's parent company Meta Platforms Inc., made it easy for users to support social movements by donating to 1.5 million non-profit organizations.

The new update allows Instagram users to attach donation buttons right to their Reels, short clips. Meta will, in turn, collect and distribute the donations to the non-profit organizations with no fees as the company promises to pay the processing fees itself.

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