Instagram has announced enhanced tags that allow creators to share and view contribution to a photo or video post. According to a blog announcement, the move should ensure influencers that they get credit for their content. The company said:

For many Black and underrepresented creators, crediting is an entryway to building a sustainable career as a creator, while combating cultural appropriation and ensuring the world knows who is driving culture.

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Alexis Michelle Adjei, a data analyst, told NBC News that Black creators have been facing inequity in the creator ecosystem for a long time now:

I think we were just so close to the need that we were able to see and we kind of had that same situation of like, why doesn’t this exist? And then we went the next step of like, let’s make it exist.

Instagram believes that the feature is crucial for "marginalized and underrepresented creators" whose contributions are often unknown to the public.

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Last December, Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri said during an AMA via his account that the company wants to find out how it can make NFTs “more accessible to a wider audience.” The Instagram CEO also pointed out he considers NFTs as “an interesting place” where the Menlo Park-based social network can play and to “hopefully help creators.”