Internet creators are extremely mad at Apple over the high fees that their followers have to pay to the Cupertino-based company directly or indirectly.

According to The New York Times, Apple charges as much as $0.3 of each dollar users spend. Apple charges commission not only with its App Store but also through YouTube when a user pays $5 a month to become a member of any particular channel. YouTube blogger Hank Green said:

It is a ridiculous tax that they are taking for no reason.

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A spokesperson for Apple said that the fees on a small minority of what people do in apps are "fair compensation for the company’s role in the internet economy." Y Combinator Co-Founder Paul Graham is more progressive on Apple's monopoly as he sees benefits in this situation for small companies:

Companies as powerful as Apple can sometimes extract money from people without delivering any service in return, but such exactions become potential energy driving new competitors.

Apple's spokesperson noted that the company doesn't charge fees when people pay creators from a web browser or when they use virtual tip jars.