Indian movie distributor Mbur Films is going all-in on decentralization with the launch of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called Media Monkeys - The Internet's Movie Studio.

In an interview with WRCBtv, Bradley Coburn, Lead at Mbur Films, said the DAO will first have a horror-themed NFT on OpenSea in 2022 to fund a horror movie. However, details of the movie were not disclosed as the DAO first wants to raise funds.

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Coburn added that NFT buyers will be able to have their names in the credits of the movie, name a character, attend the premiere, visit the set, and so on if the project gets the green light. He added:

We feel that there are so many extraordinary benefits to producing a film and by tying some of those benefits to NFTs and granting the benefits to holders of those NFTs, we feel like we're adding a lot of value to the NFT space.

As To The Moon earlier reported, a group of blockchain enthusiasts sold a collection of NFTs called the Infinite Machine Collection for 168 ETH in just 28 hours. The group sold a total sum of 2,100 NFTs to fund an upcoming movie about the Ethereum blockchain network based on Camila Russo's book called The Infinite Machine.