HubSpot, a platform for full-scale marketing and sales management, is joining the creators economy with the launch of HubSpot Creators, a new accelerator program to seek out and invest "in emerging creators globally."

Although the budget of the program remains undisclosed, the company said in a blog post it has already invested in a group of eight podcasters: Parents Making Profits, Nudge Podcast, (Un)Sexy, Content is Profit, Blissful Prospecting, Work @ Life, Finding Founders, and No Straight Path.

HubSpot says the program will later expand beyond just podcasts to include "YouTube and newsletter creators as well."

Kieran Flanagan, SVP of Marketing at HubSpot, notes the company is aimed at leveraging its position as a "leader in the content space to raise the profiles of emerging creators who share in our mission of helping millions of organizations grow better." He added:

We’re very excited to bring these new creators on board and to support them with our market-leading insights as they build out their shows.

In addition to funding, HubSpot will also provide monthly base sums for its creators and additional support through a tiered system.

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The announcement comes just a week after HubSpot confirmed a security breach within its network that affected customers in the cryptocurrency industry.

As per reports, such crypto companies as BlockFi, Circle, Swan, Pantera Capita and NYDIG were among those hit by the data breach. Although the affected companies reassured their clients that their funds are safe and secure, the precise nature of the data remains unknown.