Meme web hub 9GAG is the latest company to join the NFT market as the company has announced its own collection of 9,999 digital collectibles dubbed "Memeland."

According to the project's description, Memeland is a utility-enabled collection of pictures for proof (PFP) of NFTs where each Memeland PFP (also called Captain) unlocks "private club membership, exclusive access to creator NFT marketplace, IRL events, upcoming 9GAG drops and projects, etc."

As part of the Memeland ecosystem, 9GAG will also launch its native token $MEME which can be earned through passively holding and staking, or actively playing and creating content:

$MEME is a token made to support the creator economy. $MEME also serves as Memeland’s governance token. AHOY!

Example of PFPs. Source:
Example of PFPs. Source:

Although the project already onboarded Gary Vaynerchuk, Naval Ravikant, and other influencers as advisors, there's no roadmap simply because "there is no road at sea." Yet, the project has a vision (subject to change) on how to distribute PFPs:

  • 6,900: 9GAG & partners allowlist winners;
  • 3,000: Public allowlist raffle winners;
  • 99: Memeland Treasury for future collaborations, hiring, marketing, etc.

9GAG also promises that holders of Memeland PFPs will have "full commercial art rights" for the tokens they own but gave no more details as of press time. Developers also say they'll get 6.9% of all secondary sales. All the proceeds will be used to buy "lambos, yachts, and private jets for the team."

It is worth noting that for 9GAG this isn't the first NFT-related initiative as the platform previously collaborated with Hong Kong’s K11 Art Mall to bring memes to life in form of digital collectibles.

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