Cryptocurrency lobbyist and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has launched a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to lobby Web 3 policies in Washington. The so-called Lobby3 DAO is designed to contribute policy ideas and educate lawmakers about how blockchain works.

According to the official website, the DAO will be regularly polled about policy priorities and concerns. Members could also introduce proposals for action with the help of Lobby3 tokens, which are scheduled to be minted on February 28.

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Membership will be ranged in different levels dependent on the access to Yang and the Lobby3 team. The lowest price is set at 0.07 ETH and the maximum is at 40 ETH.

The DAO says 70% of the raised funds will be spent on direct advocacy efforts and infrastructure building. The other 20% will go toward community engagement, and the remaining 10% will be used to build the website, NFTs, DAO, etc.