The Lord of the Ring director Peter Jackson was the most successful entertainer in 2021, according to the list published by Forbes magazine.

Jackson topped the list of highest-paid entertainers thanks to his deal with Unity Software: in November the company bought a visual effects firm Weta Digital.

Here are the first 10 entertainers on the list:

  1. Peter Jackson, $580 million
  2. Bruce Springsteen, $435 million
  3. Jay-Z, $340 million
  4. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, $270 million
  5. Kanye West, $235 million
  6. Trey Parker and Matt Stone, $210 million
  7. Paul Simon, $200 million
  8. Tyler Perry, $165 million
  9. Ryan Tedder, $160 million
  10. Bob Dylan, $130 million

You can check the full list on the Forbes website.