The year 2021 turned out to be a success for the Ethereum ecosystem as the community of blockchain developers grew up by 42% over the reported period, according to data from Electric Capital. For instance, the Bitcoin community of developers surged only by 9% over 2021.

Ethereum continues to have "the largest ecosystem of tools, apps, and protocols and is 2.8x larger than the second-largest ecosystem," the report says. What is more noteworthy is that one out of every five new developers coming into the Web3 space works on Ethereum.

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In total, over 34,000 new developers worked on Web3 projects in 2021, which is the "highest number of new developers in history," Electric Capital emphasizes. In addition to Ethereum and Bitcoin, other ecosystems, such as Polkadot, Avalanche, Cardano are also entered the top-10 largest developer ecosystems.

As To The Moon reported, the blockchain market also superiors Web2 by salary figures. For example, the average Solidity Engineer salary hit $107,335 per year with the general average salary on the market reaching the $91,650 mark per year, according to CryptoJobsList.

While newcomers do really need to understand the crypto industry if they want to work for a crypto company, there is no need for deep technical knowledge. Most of the jobs are non-technical, the platform noted.