Epic Games wants you to become a game designer with a new mobile app called "RealityScan" that allows anyone who has a smartphone to scan physical objects into a 3D model.

The company said in a blog announcement that the app is made in collaboration with Capturing Reality and Quixel for creators of all levels. However, the app is currently available in a limited beta via Apple’s TestFlight platform for only 10,000 users.

Apparently, Epic made a smart move by launching the app in a limited beta as reports say the app delivers the quality not as good-looking as Epic is featuring in its marketing.

Source: The Verge
Source: The Verge

Journalists noted though that their experience wasn't good since their iPhone 12 mini’s cameras aren’t good enough and they weren't in a well-lit room. Jay Peters, a News Writer for The Verge, said:

I may not have taken enough scans or didn’t get the correct angles. And the app is launching in a limited beta, so Epic will presumably continue to iterate up to the app’s official release.

A wider early access release is scheduled for both iOS in spring, followed by Android later this year.

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