A developer who goes under "mcclure" on Twitter has released a browser plugin that automatically blocks owners of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Twitter.

The so-called "NFTBlocker" is a Firefox and Google Chrome plugin that detects NFT feature on Twitter in use.

The developer warns that the plugin is performing an automated activity, which may trip Twitter's bot detection. They said:

If you use this plugin, you will probably be required at some point to give Twitter your phone number to prove you are not a bot.

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As per mcclure, whose identity remains unclear, they made the software to fight an "investment scam" that is designed "in a foolish way." Particularly, mcclure added:

...the NFT system has a shocking amount of impact on global warming. The more demand there is to buy and sell NFTs, the higher the value of energy-wasting ("proof of work") cryptocurrencies goes and the more coal and oil these networks will burn. I don't want to be in a community with people who support that.

The developer didn't specify how much energy NFTs waste in comparison with the traditional financial system.

The move comes after Twitter Blue Labs launched NFT avatars for its subscribers. Users can now put their tokens on avatars by verifying them via OpenSea's API.