1. Elon Musk buys Twitter

This week Elon Musk broke the headlines with his $44 billion acquisition ($54.20 per share) of Twitter. Although the deal is yet to be approved by regulators, Elon has reportedly already revealed his vision to financial institutions that helped him to fund his deal with $13 billion in loans.

According to sources close to the matter, Elon wants to find a way to monetize tweets that might contain important information or go viral. For instance, Twitter could charge a fee when a third-party website wants to quote or embed a tweet from verified individuals or organizations.

Although no final decision has been made yet as the sources say that Elon won't take any actions until he gets full ownership over the company later this year.

2. Twitch reconsiders payment structure

Twitch is apparently going through difficult times as the livestreaming platform is rethinking its payment structure to boost its profits. According to reports, Twitch is considering decreasing streamers' cut from 70% to 50%.

Although Twitch has over 50,000 creators in its partnership program, the platform has been struggling to meet its ad revenue expectations for a long time now. In 2018, it brought in about $230 million in ad revenue although the company was reportedly expecting to reach the $500 million mark. In the first half of 2019, Twitch made only $300 million against the $600 million expected.

3. Snapchat to support video creators with 'game-changing' mode

Snapchat announced a new feature designed to help video creators with content making. The new mode called Director Mode, allows content makers to capture their reaction and their 360 perspective.

Snap says this "game-changing" mode will simplify creating polished content as it also supports Green Screen mode, which allows creators to seamlessly transform the background. Director Mode is expected to be available on iOS devices with Android support coming later this year.

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