Elon Musk shocked the Internet community after revealing in a tweet he might die "under mysterious circumstances" as the American billionaire is a few steps away from taking Twitter private with his $44 billion takeover.

Although it remains unclear if Musk wanted to trick his followers or if he was serious with his statement, some suggested the Tesla CEO double on security measures, while the others seized the moment for... Well, MrBeast, a YouTuber with 95 million followers, hit the comments section by the number of likes (almost 300,000 as of press time) by asking if Elon could leave him Twitter to which the billionaire responded:

That's right. Interpret it as you wish as no other details were revealed so far since Elon made no additional statements on the matter.

The mysterious tweet comes after Twitter accepted Elon Musk's offer to acquire the company for almost $43 billion, or $54.20 per share. The billionaire explains that Twitter should be transformed into a private company to unlock its "extraordinary potential."

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