The market of Web3-backed cinematography is still in its infancy, but this doesn't mean there are no enthusiasts who seek crypto funding for their movies.

"Project Iceman" is the latest attempt to show that crypto isn't only about trade speculations as the crew behind the Iceman movie is selling tickets in the form of NFTs — based on the Polygon sidechain — after it turned down a $1.25 million offer from a streaming service over limited creative freedom:

After over a year of battling with selling the story to streaming platforms, we said no to a $1.250.000 production offer in December 2021 from one of the largest streaming platforms in the world. We could not compromise on the creative freedom in telling the story and it did not feel true to the spirit of the project.

In total, the moviemakers are planning to sell 10,000 limited premiere tickets and 226 NFTs corresponding to every kilometer of the Iceman. All the tickets are divided into four tiers:

  1. the world's coldest movie ticket ($50/10,000 pieces);
  2. the ice squad ($1,500/200 pieces);
  3. the owner's table ($15,000/25 pieces);
  4. the executive producer (tbd/1 piece).

Depending on the tiers' rareness, users can access virtual and physical premieres and future events. The project's description says the proceeds will go toward the post-production of the movie and the launch through digital and physical premieres.

The Iceman documentary tells a story about Anders Hofman, who spent almost 73 hours finishing an extreme challenge, becoming the first person in the world to complete a long-distance triathlon in Antarctica. The movie is expected to be released on YouTubeat the end of 2022.

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