American DJ and electronic dance music producer Justin David Blau (also known by his stage name 3LAU) made headlines on Wednesday after he paid off a student's loan debt with 20.5 ETH (~$64,500). First, a music producer under the Bdice alias reached out to 3LAU via Twitter space to share his story and ask for advice on a career in music.

In an interview with, Bdice said he had spent $100,000 over 10 years in interest payments alone over a loan debt he took for attending Audio Engineering & Music Production school. Who would have known that after hearing this story and finding out that Bdice was also a Web3 supporter, 3LAU would suggest "fixing" the issue and ask Bdice for the number he needed.

Bdice later revealed on his Twitter account that he had received over 20 ETH from 3LAU which helped him to pay off his student debt. He also added in the interview that 3LAU's gesture was a "direct reflection of one of the core goals in Web3, to level the playing field for creatives."

3LAU is known as one of the main supporters of the Web3 movement in the music community. In August 2021, the crypto-savvy DJ raised $16 million from Paradigm and Founders Fund to launch his own NFT-focused music platform called Royal. However, he isn't the only music producer that finds it potential to boost the adoption of the NFT market.

To The Moon reported that DJ Steve Aoki is also doing his best to keep up with the trend. In January, Aoki dropped his NFT-driven membership project called A0K1VERSE. Developed by Manifold, the project gives holders of the A0K1 Credits and the Passport — the building blocks of the A0K1VERSE — free tour tickets to hundreds of dates all around the globe.

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