DeviantArt, the largest online art gallery and community, is now fighting those who steal images to put them on sale without any permission in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). According to the project's page description, the new product dubbed "DeviantArt Protect" is an image recognition software aimed at fighting potential art infringements in the form of minted NFTs.

The developers say the technology is trained with the help of machine learning to identify images that appear similar to other images on DeviantArt. The description says:

When DeviantArt sought to utilize machine learning with added human oversight, the goal was to help protect more than just one’s finished work. It's about helping to provide protection around the totality of effort put forth.

The service has free and paid features. Those who want to track up to 1,000 images totaling 50GB will need to sign for a $3.95 monthly subscription. DevianArt Protect supports a bunch of blockchain networks and sidechains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, Flow and others.

An example of how notification alerts work on DevianArt. Source:
An example of how notification alerts work on DevianArt. Source:

Yet, if a bad actor manages to steal an image and mint it as an NFT, there's no way to remove the token from the network. In a commentary to The Verge, DeviantArt CMO Liat Gurwicz explained:

Once something has been minted to the blockchain, even if after that it’s acknowledged as an infringement, actually having it removed from the blockchain is quite unlikely.

Still, DevianArt says anyone who owns or shares the copyright in a work can "file an infringement notice" on the website.

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