NFTs are mainly considered as a way to support creators or as a speculative asset. But that's not the case for Andrew Jiang and Todd Goldberg who recently formed a new fund called Curated that will buy "blue-chip NFTs" from creators.

Goldberg told TechCrunch in an interview, the fund considers digital collectibles as the next "big deal over the next decade" as NFTs give a digitally native way to "invest in culture at internet scale." He continued:

We want to become a very high-signal collector that acquires the top assets and is also helpful to creators and builders.

The fund has already raised $30 million from a chunk of a16z's team members like Marc Andreessen and Chris Dixon, in addition to Electric Capital's Avichal Garg Reddit's Alexis Ohanian.

Curated reportedly plans to use half of the capital to buy NFTs from collections like CryptoPunks, Art Blocks, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). The other half will go toward "high potential collections."

It remains unclear though how many tokens the fund is planning to buy given the fact that the floor price for BAYC tokens is set at 72.8 ETH (~$190,000) as of press time.

But Curated isn't the first VC aimed at buzzy non-fungible tokens. In October last year, Meta4 Fund Management, a Miami-based cryptocurrency investment management firm, launched its fund — also backed by a16z — to invest in NFTs.

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NFTs, which at first glance considered by the market as a "hot potato" with the focus to be resold at a higher price rate, may also contain utility aspects for holders.

Yuga Labs, the studio behind the BAYC collection was recently seeking a valuation of as much as $5 billion from a16z. Although no details have been disclosed since then, Yuga might consider issuing tokens to investors and existing Bored Ape holders as part of the funding, the Financial Times reported, citing people familiar with the matter.