Web developers are continuing their efforts to simplify the adoption of the blockchain market with a new startup that centralizes Web3's "best people & projects."

The project dubbed 0xSupply is trying to bring together all the resources that any newbie on the crypto market might need starting from choosing a cryptocurrency wallet and finishing with NFT marketplaces and DAOs.

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0xSupply designer under the alias Traf wrote on the project's page on Product Hunt that the platform is still in early development as the team plans to add "plenty of resources & categories over the next few weeks."

Goal is simply to centralize web3's best people & projects, and hopefully helps you discover something new!

The community is actively experimenting with various use cases related to crypto. As To The Moon reported recently, a YouTuber Anish De made a web app that allows anyone who has an account on Twitter to mint tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for free.

Built with the Thirdweb Typescript SDK, the so-called TwNFT app gives creators a tool to memorize their short messages on social media with the help of blockchain.