1. 'Shitty robots' creator now made online webstore

Simone Giertz, Swedish inventor and YouTuber known for making Truckla and "shitty robots," launched her own online store where she sells all the crazy stuff she initially made for videos only.

Dubbed "Yetch," the store has a whole range of weird-but-fancy items like an incomplete white puzzle (for $35) and a screwdriver ring (for $85).

2. Starbucks hints at joining metaverse

Starbucks is apparently devising a set of new initiatives that will help it eventually to join the metaverse bandwagon. The Seattle-based company wrote in a recent blog post it sees broad potential in NFTs to create an expanded and shared-ownership model for customer engagement.

Although Starbucks didn't say firmly directly it plans to go all-in on the metaverse, the multinational chain of coffeehouses noted that it has amassed a "treasure trove of assets" that we can bring to bear in "such an ecosystem."

3. Twitch stars cash in on Depp V. Heard case

Let's admit it: in retrospect it was inevitable. Twitch stars are now capitalizing on the defamation trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Top streamers like Pokimane (9.1 million followers) and xQc (10.7 million followers) are actively putting the actors' names in their titles to gain more views.

What's more, the case is popular not only in the "Just Chatting" category but also among gamers like shortyyguy (381,000 followers) who are debating about who might be the real victim in the case.

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