Legendary game designer Sid Meier says game developers stray from the path when they focus on monetization rather than on making great games.

In an interview with BBC, the creator of the Civilization franchise, noted that the game design part is critical and crucial but "doesn't require a cast of thousands in the way some of the other aspects do." He continued:

I think we need to be sure that our games continue to be high quality and fun to play — there are so many forms of entertainment out there now.

Although Meier didn't specifically mention non-fungible tokens, he added that game developers need to be sure they realize how critical gameplay is — and how that is the engine that "really keeps players happy, engaged and having fun."

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In December last year, Peter Molyneux's game studio 22cans announced a new video game focused on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) called Legacy. The game features NFTs in the form of in-game land. Each NFT-tied land varies in price depending on its size, rarity, and so on.