The year 2022 will bring a ton of more use cases for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as retailers like GameStop will trigger traffic to their storefronts. At least Circle VP Product Rachel Mayer believes so.

In an interview with Forkast, Mayer forecasted even Tesla might accept NFTs that would unlock "exclusive features in Teslas." Mayer noted big retailers like GameStop or a 7-Eleven might turn to NFTs to "incentivize real-life transactions, leveraging creators to drive traffic to their storefronts." She added:

So brands and creators just reinforcing loyalty community behavior in terms of rewarding NFTs, distributing content, making a purchase.

Apart from other "high-level predictions," Mayer also raised institutional adoption of the cryptocurrency market. Particularly, she said the market will see more "mainstream companies continuing to put digital assets on their balance sheet."

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To The Moon earlier reported that GameStop is actively working on its own NFT marketplace. The Texas-based game retailer debuted a user waitlist on its subdomain: