Chris Dixon, a general partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), has announced the launch of Web3 University, an online educational platform that covers the fundamentals of the blockchain development ecosystem.

The website, according to a blog announcement, has already entered into a partnership with OpenSea's infrastructure provider Alchemy, venture giants like a16z and Pantera Capital, Ethereum scaling solutions Arbitrumand Polygon, and many others.

Deric Cheng, an engineer at Alchemy, says the platform is bringing the "best-of-the-best together to ensure you're getting the most valuable resources across all of Web3." He added:

By creating a highly-curated, authoritative destination supported by the best educators in Web3, you can learn everything you need about blockchain development in one place.

The platform already has tutorials about how to make a basic "Hello World" smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain, how to integrate smart contract with the frontend, the complete guide to full-stack Solana development, and many more.