A group of blockchain engineers alongside Ryan Broderick, a former senior journalist at BuzzFeed, co-developed a website that allows anyone to download an unlimited amount of images into one single "super fungible token." The official website says the idea was to make an NFT whose contents "anyone can edit."

The token itself is minted on the Algorand blockchain and points to the file SFT.jpg on the website of the project. Users don't really "upload" images. Instead, they "feed" to the script a URL, which is later hidden behind the JPG extension path written in the token's properties on Algorand.

Moreover, the NFT can't be bought or sold as the smart contract was "destroyed" after the token was minted, noted Jamie Cohen, a digital culture expert.

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One of the developers, an internet artist Morry Kolman, was impressed with the community's response as some even got an idea to build a bot that would automatically replace any image "uploaded" on the website with pictures of Weird Al Yankovic. Kolman added:

I love that people are taking the work’s point on the vulnerability of NFTs and applying it to the site itself. The SFT was a product of screwing around with stuff on the internet, who am I to stop others from doing the same?

Cohen believes that the project can soon become a case study in platform content moderation through participation as the token represents a new fun way to play with crypto "without hurting your own wallet."