1. Binance brings uncertainty to Russian $125B crypto market

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which has been trying to remain neutral in offering its services to both Ukrainians and Russians after the tragic events in Ukraine began, told clients from Russia that their accounts are subject to limitations if they hold crypto worth over €10,000.

The exchange added that all deposits to accounts for Russian nationals or natural persons residing in Russia will also be restricted, following the EU's fifth package of sanctions against Russia.

Later, Anatoly Aksakov, Head of the Financial Committee in Russia's Lower House of Parliament, told news outlets that Russian lawmakers are now more sceptical about legalizing the crypto market as "everything says that the crypto market is regulated by the US."

2. Linktree reveals financial insights of creators' life

Have you ever been wondering how cool is that to be a creator? Think about it twice as new data revealed by Linktree shed light on financial side of the creator economy. Besides consistent stress, many creators in 2022 still have to deal with low and unsteady cash flow.

Eric Jacks, Chief Strategy Officer at Collab, which helped Lenktree to survey 9,500 creators, told TechCrunch that it's still difficult to be a creator even in the age of the Internet. The report also depicts "how important it is for creators to find partners, platforms and services that streamline monetization opportunities," Jacks added.

3. MrBeast locked his guest in room and promised $1M

Jimmy Donaldson, an American YouTuber who is also known as MrBeast with over 94 million subscribers, faced criticism over his latest challenge. The YouTuber promised his guest Josh Rock — who is also the lead video editor for the MrBeast YouTube channel — $1 million if he manages to stay in a windowless room for 100 days.

Although Rock stressed that he was "never in any danger, physically or mentally" during the challenge, the Internet slammed MrBest over this attempts to "endanger" Rock's mental health. Rock himself failed to stay in the room for 100 days and earned a total sum of $340,000. It's also unclear if he was paid that money at all.

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