Australian 10-year-old artist under the alias of FRANC will sell 36 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to support the Indigenous Literacy Foundation and educate young creators about innovative technologies.

The so-called "Heart Strings" collection is consists of 12 "multi-media original artworks" in MP4 format. This is how FRANC describes her campaign:

...'Heart Strings’ is so titled as it explores the concept of love as a 'tween', not focusing on romantic connections, but rather the importance of self-love and the importance of having a loving, supportive environment at this stage of life.

As per NFT Evening, approximately 10% of each NFT sale will go to the Franc World platform. The funds will also be used to support charity organizations, including the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The collection is set to drop on OpenSea on February 14, 2022.

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FRANC isn't alone in her endeavors. Pakistani artist Maliha Abidi also launched her own NFT collection called "Women Rise" to support equal rights for women like the Malala Fund.