Digital stickers have been gaining momentum in the Asian market as many artists have made millions by selling them on Line, a messaging service popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

As per Rest of World, Line's marketplace called "Creators Market" has brought a wave of interest shortly after the launch. The service gives creators a tool to sell their artworks in the form of stickers.

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According to the report, those who have entered the top of sticker creators on the marketplace made up to $10 million. However, the competition is fierce, which is why the majority is far from those numbers. Sasaki Sakiji, an artist from Japan, said his sales peaked at $5,000 a year. It was enough for him to quit his day job, though, and focus on stickers:

I was able to live as an illustrator because of the Creator Market in Japan.

Marc Steinberg, The Platform Lab Director, suggests that the hype around the so-called "sticker economy" is due to promises of a fast track to wealth:

There's often this promise of becoming rich and famous via Line production. Sticker makers write: 'Look, this is a gateway to entrepreneurship. Don't imagine that your destiny is getting a full-time corporate job. You can be rich and successful.'

Kosuke Nashida, who made $865 per year by selling stickers, doesn't plan to give up. Instead, he sees many ways to diversify his sticker business into other areas like non-fungible tokens (NFTs).