With the NFT market still being in its infancy, creators are seeking new utilities for digital collectibles to discover a gold mine that would yield a steady flow of treasure. That's what Archie Comics, an American comic book publisher, is trying to achieve by launching a new project called Archieverse: Eclipse.

Archieverse: Eclipse's official website. Source: archiecomics.com/nft/
Archieverse: Eclipse's official website. Source: archiecomics.com/nft/

According to the announcement page, the New York-based company is planning to sell 66,666 pre-generated NFT characters — from 80 years of Archie Comics' Madam Satan storylines — at a price of $66.66 apiece starting on May 16, 2022.

Archie Comics promises that the NFTs will give their owners access to "exclusive opportunities to create inside Archie Comics' universe."

By "exclusive opportunities" the comics publisher describes community puzzles and a "first-of-its-kind opportunity" for writers and artists to have their work featured in upcoming comic books with credit and royalties. However, Archie Comics didn't go into details about the monetization side of the whole experience. It's also unclear how exactly the company will decide which artworks it will include in the upcoming comic books.

The NFT owners could sell their tokens in the Archie Comics marketplace starting from May 31, 2022. Readers, however, seem to be disappointed with the publisher's decision to go into the NFT space, claiming that the franchise is now killed by a "corporate scam cash-grab."

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