Apple is about to give podcasters a tool to see data about their followers, including how many followers they have per show, and measure their activity.

According to reports, the new features are scheduled to be available next month for paid subscriptions only. Although the Apple Podcasts Connect page shows how many listeners attend a show, there's no dedicated follower counts feature in total for creators.

Source: Apple Podcasts
Source: Apple Podcasts

Apple reportedly said in a blog announcement that listeners who follow a show "want to receive new episodes as they become available, so a show’s followers can serve as an indicator for those likely to subscribe." However, as of press time, the page is unavailable. The company added:

From the Analytics tab, creators will be able to view followers per show and easily measure followers across shows. After selecting a show, they can quickly view the number of New Followers netted over the last week, month, 60 days, and all time.

Creators will reportedly also be able to customize their subscription ads, showing different messages for different shows. Apple will also allow mp3 files as well as WAV and FLAC files for subscriber audio to create and upload shows..

The move comes a month after Apple announced a new feature called "Listen With" that gives users a new way to discover podcasts. The editorial collection is based on recommendations from artists, podcasters, and journalists.

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Apple also revealed insights on how its subscription model for performs. The Cupertino-based company showed that one in five podcasts with subscriptions have converted more than 10% of listeners into paid subscribers.