FORMLESS, a blockchain startup for content distribution, has announced in a press release that its founder Brandon Tory had left Google AI as a technical lead on the Natural Language Accelerated team to focus more on the project as CEO.

Founded in 2018, the startup wants to eliminate the dependence on centralized streaming platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. Instead, by leveraging smart contracts, FORMLESS aims to create an independent hub for content makers, like streaming music. Tory said:

The problem with the relationship between technology and music is that technology vendors have always established the terms of access to a song. Along every step in the progression, this model has crushed creators––eliminating any control over pricing, and the ability to directly connect with consumers.

Based on the SHARE protocol, the project is scheduled for a beta in Q2 of this year. With the protocol, FORMLESS wants to go further beyond simply using NFTs, allowing content creators to specify "additional behavior within their work" through another layer within the smart contract infrastructure to enable creator-controlled pay-for-access.

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The idea of expanding NFTs use cases has also been raised by Ethereum's Co-Founder Vitalik Buterin. Earlier in January, Buterin suggested that NFTs might soon get a competitor in the form of the so-called "non-transferable" tokens.