Adobe Behance, an online platform to showcase and discover creative work, has added support for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) minted on Solana. Adobe VP Will Allen said in a tweet thread that thanks to a collaboration with QuickNode, users can now display their NFTs minted on Solana via Phantom, a cryptocurrency wallet.

Once NFTs have been minted, creators can demonstrate them on Behance and list the tokens for sale on NFT marketplaces.

Users can add their address from the Solana network to their Content Credentials as well to ensure they'll get credit for their work. Allen added that the platform also plans to extend support for other blockchain networks in the future. However, no details were given on that.

Earlier in February, OpenSea, an NFT marketplace, announced a new venture arm dubbed OpenSea Ventures which will invest in NFT-related protocols, social and gaming projects "serving as distribution mechanisms for crypto and NFT elements."

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Besides the funding itself, the New York-based company will also provide startups with other VCs, including a16z and Standard Crypto. Those eligible for funding could further publish guest blog posts on to boost their marketing campaigns.