Advertisers are facing hurdles trying to connect big brands and creators as the creator economy keeps rising. As per Adweek, there's a new group of startups trying to meet the needs of the creator economy.

A market intelligence firm CBInsights counted 153 creator economy startups with 27 ad platforms, that had alone bagged in over $250 million in funding in 2021.

When the creator economy was in its early innings, marketers needed data to prove that investing in influencer partnerships would pay off, Ross McCormack, Vice President Director of Social Strategy at Havas Media Group told Adweek. That model of collaboration has changed significantly. Here's what McCormack had to say:

We need a really skilled team to execute this work for us. Now instead of focusing on the tech, [we ask] 'Do we have a strong team to get these campaigns live and be successful?'

Now, marketers are trying to find a good service-as-a-platform to collaborate with influencers and creators, the report says, citing sources close to the matter.

Winterberry Group Management Consultant Gayle Meyers says many of today's platforms still suffer from a lack of diversity as marketers need a large, diverse pool of creators to sort through:

You have to get the creators at that vertical, and then you have to get the product to that creator. They have to be scaled across platforms.

And, apparently, tech startups can't solve this issue either as they are dependent on big social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to provide data.

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