The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverses: it is gaming, social, and commercial one. It's also straightforward to use, but it's also highly customizable and provides a blank slate on which you can build virtually anything you want. Although The VoxEdit and Game Maker tools can be used to education kids on creativity and design, kids couldn't/shouldn’t join in—as they need crypto wallets and there is no restriction to age-appropriate content.

Non-fungible tokens

One way people make money in The Sandbox is through NFTs. In The Sandbox, the land you buy is an NFT, which illustrates your digital ownership of the land.

Collectors are interested in these tokens because they're guaranteed one-of-a-kind—no two NFTs are alike. Each NFT represents a unique piece of land that can be bought and sold at auction on the OpenSea marketplace.

Create an experience from scratch

The Sandbox gives you the tools to bring all the ideas to life, no matter how big or small they are. You can craft immersive games and interactive training simulations with Unity's visual scripting editor Playmaker, create the experiences with Game Maker and design the assets/avatar with Vox Edit.

The Sandbox lets you bring your ideas to life in whatever way you want. After creating an experience, you can sell it or rent it to a landowner (or partner up with a landowner)—so the they can set an entry fees or subscription for you both to make money.

Buy plots of land

The best way to make money in The Sandbox is by buying and selling land. This is a personal opinion of this article's author and not a financial advice—as there are multiple ways to earn and buy in The Sandbox. There's an open market where players can buy and sell plots, and if you hold onto a plot long enough, it could increase in value. For example, if you purchase some plots in an area that becomes popular, or if you buy enough plots so you can build something that lots of people want to visit, then your land will go up in value. Then you'll be able to sell your plot for more than what you paid for it.

You can also get rewards from the system called Crypto Assets. The Crypto Assets have their marketplace where players can trade them with each other or sell them for a cryptocurrency (like $SAND, that is main currency for The Sandbox game, or ETH) if they want.

Create digital assets

Making and selling digital assets is a great way to make money in The Sandbox, especially for those with more interest in creating 3D models, 2D art. The best part is that you don't have to learn how to code to do it. You can use your creativity and skill with a program like VoxEdit to create some amazing stuff. You can sell your creations as NFTs on the marketplace or use them to create games and experiences. You can also get inspired by what other creators are making in the community or collaborate with other creators.

To stand out in the marketplace:

  1. Create digital assets that other users in the metaverse will find value in.
  2. Consider things that users will repeatedly want—like trees, cars, furniture, or clothes—that they can incorporate into their games and experiences.
  3. Consider how you can distinguish those items from what's already available in the marketplace.

For example, if you're making a tree, consider creating different types of trees so that users have various choices when it comes time to decorate their virtual space.

Host virtual events or performances from within The Sandbox

As a creator, you can make money in The Sandbox in 2022 by hosting virtual events or performances from within the world. But this feature is not available for everyone, so if you are Snoop Dogg, this option is for you.

It can include anything from a DJ set to a live music showcase to a comedy night to an escape room event. You can schedule these events and announce them anytime, and your friends will be able to join from their home worlds or the lobby—but again, not everyone only a few select ones and only during Alpha season (multi-week events, where players can potentially earn $SAND rewards and possibly NFTs just for playing games). You can set a ticket price for each event. In addition to making money by selling tickets, you'll also have the opportunity to sell merchandise at these events.

The more creative you are with your events and your marketing materials, the more likely people will be to attend and support you!

Market yourself and your work as a builder or virtual real estate developer

One of the best ways to make money in The Sandbox is to market yourself as a builder or develop an idea for a large-scale project that you can build and then sell, lease, or rent out.

Building and virtual real estate projects are pretty lucrative. Up-and-coming creators in The Sandbox are having success with building large music venues and then leasing them out to other creators who put on shows there. You could also develop your clothing store and sell your designs or build a virtual restaurant where you serve food from your menu. The possibilities are endless!

However, to get started, you first need to develop your skillset. There are plenty of jobs available for builders and virtual real estate developers right this second, so start thinking about how you can showcase your creativity, problem-solving abilities, and attention to detail to land one of these gigs.

Summing up, The Sandbox is a whole world with an entirely new economy, and there are various opportunities to make money now. The more skills you have and the more creative you are with your ideas, the better—this is where you will get rewards for the best ideas.