Since its inception in 2016, OnlyFans has gained popularity as content creation and sharing platform, especially for adult content creators. This platform is a lucrative opportunity for all sorts of content realtors to make money by receiving funds directly from the 'fans' differently.

OnlyFans gained popularity and bloomed during the COVID lockdowns of spring and summer 2020 as adult content creators took over. There are two main reasons why it happened:

  • The platform allows creators to publish graphic content otherwise filtered from other social media platforms.
  • Both OnlyFans seller and buyer accounts are private. A user can only access your content after paying for it, and other users cannot see each other on your platform, depending on your settings.

Every creator's content is branded and protected by the company and cannot be shared on other platforms. If a user tries to screenshot or screen record your content, the content will show up blacked out. Further protection policies ban any user who is caught recording or screenshotting content from the site.

However, its management announced its intentions to bar sexually explicit content from the platform in August 2021, which was followed by a heavy backlash from adult content creators. The announcement was then recalled, and the platform's management promised to retain the original status quo.

How to get started on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans accommodates all sorts of creative content. It was not made for adult content creators only: you can post any content, be it pictures, audio, live streams, or videos, and make money through them. The original goal of this platform was to provide a conducive environment where content creators can get creative, produce and distribute premium content without any limitations.

Here are some of people who can make money on only fans:

  • Travel bloggers.
  • DIY bloggers.
  • Beauty tips.
  • Models.
  • Adult models.
  • Fitness coaches.
  • Social media influencers.
  • Cosplayers.

To get started on OnlyFans, you must be at least 18 years old and have legal government documentation. Creating an account and setting up a profile is free — all you need is a functional email or Twitter account.

After opening an account, you need to fill in the OnlyFans profile form for your account to be approved. Upon approval, you're required to create a unique username and upload a profile picture that tells a straightforward story of your content.

A bank account and subscription fee are vital if you want to make money from your content on the platform. However, you can only add your bank account and subscription fee after your account has been approved.

After adding your banking details, they will email you giving you the go-ahead to set your subscription fee. And just like that, you're all set up and good to go.

How exactly do I make money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform, meaning you get to earn money depending on the number of users subscribed to your account. There are seven different ways you can make money on OnlyFans, including:

1. Subscriptions as your passive income

Subscription fees from users are the primary source of income for OnlyFans content creators. Once you are ready to monetize your content, you can set a subscription fee, which all users interested in your content will have to pay before getting access to your content.

The subscription allows you to earn passive income and encourage loyalty from your fans. It also allows you to have built-in campaigns to increase your followers, i.e., by giving discounts to attract more users.

Morgan Edwards, known on the platform as Kitty K, is one content creator who built her career by charging a subscription fee of nearly $70 for three months of content access. With over 5,000 subscribers and still growing in numbers, Kitty K managed to make over $1.2 million within her first two years on the platform.

2. Tipping for more than five posts

OnlyFans has a tipping function that allows users to give you tips whether you have monetized your account or not. As long as you have more than five posts, users can give you tips on your profile, posts, direct messages, or live stream sessions.

3. Paid Messages

The platform allows you to connect creators to interact directly with the users through messages. You can add a unique layer to your content by creating bulk messages to welcome your new users, promote a new product, and send unique content to the users.

Users can, in turn, tip you for the messages or put the messages behind a paywall where they will have to pay to see the message content.

Paid messages work best for content creators with huge numbers of subscribers, such as Justine Jakobs, a creator with 36,000 OnlyFans subscribers. She is said to be one of the top 0.1% of OnlyFans earners.

4. Live Streaming

Live-streaming allows you to showcase your talent to the users in real-time. You can earn money by setting a tip goal on your live stream and asking your fans to leave you a tip.

If your OnlyFans account is free, you can set a payment-gated stream where users will have to pay to join your live sessions. A great example is Maria Moobs, a top content creator who is well-known for her well-curated live streams. She was ranked 8th out of 30 top-performing  OnlyFans accounts by Washington City Paper for her interactive technique.

5. Referrals on a monthly basis

If you refer a creator to OnlyFans, you earn 5% of their earnings for the first 12 months up to the new creator's first one million made on the platform. There are no limitations on the number of creators you can refer to the platform, and you will be paid for all the referrals on a monthly basis.

6. Fundraising

The OnlyFans fundraising feature allows you to ask your fans to give back to society through you. You need to create a new post and set a fundraising goal that your users will contribute towards.

OnlyFans is a great place to make money

Every creative looks forward to the day their art pays off. If you are looking for a platform that will allow you to make money out of your craft, OnlyFans is a perfect place to start. Here, you are in charge of your account and have the right to interact freely with your fans.

What's more, OnlyFans gives you the liberty to create any type of content with your users, only for 20% of the total income.