The "Metaverse" is a term that is on the tip of many tongues these days as the latest and hottest thing out of Silicon Valley. It refers to the virtual reality creations that are springing up from seemingly everywhere all of the sudden, and a lot of people are starting to take stock of what this all means and how they can potentially profit from everything going on. Those who do earn a profit in this world may be able to turn their virtual passion into something that truly earns a nice chunk of income in the long run. Before you can start to amass your wealth from virtual worlds, you need to know how people are able to make money on some of the virtual creations floating around out there. Today, we will specifically cover a few ways that people are making money in Decentraland in 2022 as creators.

Getting involved in the casino gaming business

Virtual worlds have often attracted the dollars of those who would like to create virtual casinos and other gaming venues. This is often the case because it is possible to get away with creating gambling establishments like this in a virtual world in places where they may not be permitted to exist in the physical world. Thus, there is plenty of interest in casinos and online gaming in general, and that opens the door to make money as a creator of casino properties in Decentraland.

A recent post by a writer identifying himself as Paul C. stated that it is possible to earn revenue from investing in existing casino properties in the Decentraland universe:

The second way is to buy a piece of land in a casino. You will eventually own a blackjack table, a roulette table and a poker table. Each time there is a revenue stream, you, as the owner of the NFT, you will receive 30% of revenue.

That is passive income that you can typically count on being available to you most of the time (after all, people love to gamble). It is even better if you are the creator of a casino in Decentraland. This will require a much higher level of coding experience, dedication to the project, and maintenance over how your casino is operating, but it can be done. The rewards can be outstanding for those who put in the time to do this.

If you would like to build up the funds necessary to buy your own plots of land and work on building casinos in Decentraland, you can always agree to take a job working in one of the casinos that is already built. The rate of pay is currently set at $200 per month for those who are just starting out in this line of work. However, that rate can go higher as you prove that you are capable of handling the job responsibilities such as:

  • Interacting with guests at the casino.
  • Setting up special events.
  • Monitor the progression of casino games.

It may require some labor on your part, but at least you will be taking part in the new Metaverse worlds that exist. You can build up your funds this way until you are able to participate more directly as a creator.

Consider building a club/entertainment venue

Music fans listen up, this is your moment to shine. Decentraland is producing a lot of demand for live musical performances and for people to build the kind of venues that can host these events. If that is your kind of thing, then you need to get in on the craze while it is hot. There are multiple clubs and music venues opening in Decentraland every day, and it seems like the public's appetite for this type of entertainment cannot be contained. If you are an active performer who would love to show the world the skills that you have, then your time has come.

Building a club that is cooler than the other clubs in Decentraland is not an easy feat given how many people are flocking to this virtual world right now, but that is exactly why you need to handle it as soon as possible. The larger the crowds are in Decentraland, the harder it will be to generate a profit for yourself. Thus, you need to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience for your fans to enjoy. This might take extra time, but it might also attract the kind of audience you need to be truly profitable. Get enough buzz going about your club and it might be possible to attract some big-name acts to come to your place to perform. In addition, you might be able to promote your own music career at a venue like this, and that can be a big deal for up and coming performers as well.

Artwork and NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are very popular right now, and people are creating them rapid-fire in worlds like Decentraland. They make artwork that cannot be duplicated, and then they turn that artwork in an NFT that they can then sell. The popularity of NFTs has led to a massive amount of money being made by some of the top artists. There is even a story out about an 18-year old who sold an NFT painting for $500,000. Not bad at all for someone just starting out their adult life!

You should not expect to achieve this level of success right off the bat (or possibly ever), but there is a market for artwork to be sold as NFTs in Decentraland. If you are looking for ways to use your creative spirit to earn money in a virtual world, this is not a bad way to do it. In fact, you might want to get in now while the demand for such work is still at sky-high levels. No one knows with any certainty if or when that may change.

It is possible to earn a real living in a virtual world no matter what people may say or think. If you have the desire to put your talents on display for the world to see, then there should be nothing that holds you back from doing so. Just make sure you know what you are doing and understand that it may take some time for the income to come rolling in for you.