A quirky little website known as Mirror.xyz is suddenly getting a lot of attention as the next great place for content creators to make a respectable income for their work. The website itself has a saying that goes something like this: "On Mirror, you aren't the product, you're the owner".

What they are pointing out is that many other websites ask users to sign up and turn over massive troves of personal information about themselves to gain access to the platform's features. Mirror.xyz doesn't do that. They prefer to operate as a decentralized exchange where creators can get together to buy, sell, and trade their work.

You must be asking at this point how one can make money on Mirror.xyz as a creator in 2022. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to do just that.

Source: mirror.xyz. A screenshot by To The Moon
Source: mirror.xyz. A screenshot by To The Moon

Advantages of using mirror

  • Writers keep 97.5% of their sales. One of the biggest complaints from writers in the digital age is that they have a huge amount of their equity in a piece that they write in order to sell on traditional platforms. Some writers feel that they are paying far too much in fees, and this may lead to them giving up on their passion for writing altogether. However, Mirror XYZ only charges very low fees and only when the piece of content sells. This means more money in the pockets of the actual content creators.
  • Writers own a small piece of the platform. Anyone who produces content of any kind on Mirror XYZ owns a small piece of the decentralized website. It doesn't have traditional owners and shareholders to answer to, and that makes it more responsive to the community that builds it.
  • Writers retain ownership of their content (unless and until it sells). The terms and conditions on many writing platforms make writers agree to give up their ownership of their work once it is published on the website. Generally, writers prefer to hold on to their ownership stake until their content actually sells. That is the system that Mirror XYZ has in place for them.

Write a good content

Yeah, it does sound like a bad cliché, but the Internet is hungry for content, and those with a knack for producing it are often compensated for their talents. Still, writers do face some frustrations with certain platforms that seem to take a larger than necessary cut of the earnings from their hard work. Instead of immediately giving up so much equity, some writers are considering taking their content to the next level by posting it on Mirror.xyz

Use сrowdfunding to get your projects off the ground

Another interesting thing that many creators have used Mirror to do is to help get their projects off the ground via crowdfunding. There is currently an active crowdfunding campaign on the website to raise money to create a new video game, for example.

Source: mirror.xyz/dashboard/guide/crowdfunds. A screenshot by To The Moon
Source: mirror.xyz/dashboard/guide/crowdfunds. A screenshot by To The Moon

Crowdfunding is not a new concept that Mirror invented, but it is nice to see that the decentralized platform is allowing its numerous users to get together to put their cryptocurrency towards ideas that they find value in. Those with a really great idea and a wonderful pitch to make to the platform may find the funding that they need to get their project over the finish line.

Create a product that the world needs

The process for making money from a product idea on Mirror can be much quicker than the process plays out in traditional ways.

Traditional product ideas take a long time to come to market because they generally require the inventor behind them to have a lot of financial backing or deep pockets of their own. Barring that, they may be excluded from participating in bringing their creation to the world at all. Mirror takes that frustrating process and alters it. They say that creators ought to have the backing that they require right now because they have such a great idea.

Isn't it amazing that the world can work like that?

Naturally, only the very best product ideas rise to the top and receive the kind of community support necessary to make them happen, but that means that the most talented and creative are finally getting a chance to bring their ideas to the world.

Be an artist of any kind and make your work into an NFT

We already talked about how writers can find traction and make an income on Mirror, but it doesn't stop at them. There are artists of all kinds who are finding some success with the platform. This includes:

  • Graphic designers
  • Musicians
  • Traditional artists
  • And more

Essentially, if you are a creative person who makes something of any value to other people, then you might find a niche within Mirror that you can use to bring those skills to the forefront.

You can turn your creation into an NFT on the platform that allows others to purchase a small piece (or the whole thing) of what you have done. They take some ownership in it, and you get the cryptocurrency that they pay for that ownership. It is sort of like selling shares in yourself and your work.

The world is waiting to see what creative powers you can bring to the forefront. There are people who are undoubtedly clamoring to see what you are all about and what you can bring to the table. If you would like to earn some income from your ability to bring beautiful things into the wider world, then Mirror is a great place to get started.